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Business Spotlights

Success requires hard work, determination, and the support of fellow entrepreneurs. Our spotlights showcase local business owners who have overcome challenges, found innovative solutions, and achieved remarkable success..

Together, let’s learn, grow, and champion the spirit of entrepreneurship in our community.

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Let us show you how we can not only help you grow your business but also achieve your personal goals.

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Use A proven system that works

For more than 20 years, ActionCOACH has been a trusted partner to countless businesses and their owners worldwide.

We have options and services for businesses of every size and customize our approach to match your needs and capacity.

Our expertise lies in empowering owners to make the most of their time, build high-performing teams, and drive significant financial growth. As the leading global business coaching firm, we bring a wealth of proven systems and strategies that guarantee real results.

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Barrett MacDonald

Owner/Business Coach

Business Coaching

Personalized and customized coaching programs designed from where you are now, to get you to where you want to be.

One on One Coaching

Designed to fit your schedule and focused on your specific needs and business situation. You can start as small as one hour per month and grow to weekly work as your success grows.

Group Coaching

Our group coaching is less personalized but is highly impactful. This program focuses on coaching you on common issues and leverages the group experiences to provide added support.

Executive Coaching

Coming soon!

Business Masterclasses

Live, coach led training to take you and your team to the next level.

Sales Masterclass

Generate more leads and capitalizing on the ones you already have

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Management Masterclass

Over the duration of this course, you, and your team, will take go to the next level with time management, communication, and planning, to name a few .

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Specialized Solutions

We offer self guided tools, training and coach led evaluations that will propel you to meet the goals in life, business and wealth.

Business Health Checkup

Book a session with one of our coaches where we will help uncover the underlying pain points that are holding you back.

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Business Plan Building

An in depth business plan is a key to growth and finding, take a guided tour to creating a world class plan that financial institutions and investors want to see

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Business Alignment

Get together with one of our coaches, and your business and life partners, to ensure that everyone is on the same page of where you are, and what direction you are headed in.

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The best way to know if we can help is to try us out.  We beleive you’ll get so much value from our initial meeting that you’ll want to work with us. 

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Business Education Seminars

We host regular events for our clients and you’re invited to join in and experience the value of our coaching and the added value of our seminars and events. 

Find an event that works for you.

We Gurantee Success

Use A proven system that works

The ActionCOACH system gives you practical tools and resources to help you sell more, make more money, and make work easier for your team.  We show you how to grow your business while freeing up your time to enjoy your success. 

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Let me show you how we can help you grow your business and also achieve your personal goals. No obligation just a conversation about you and your business.